7 Super Foods For Healthy Hair

7 Super Foods For Healthy Hair

1.      Fish, Beans, And Eggs

As we know, hair is primarily made of protein; thus, it makes sense to eat foods that are high in protein content if you are trying to prevent hair fall and maintain healthy hair. Nevertheless, eating a steak each day will not be able to help you. Normally, high-fat diets will cause enhanced cholesterol levels, which are linked to hair loss. Steaks are not the food that can prevent hair fall. Just stick to lean protein including fish, chicken, brewer’s yeast, beans, low-fat cheese, and yogurt.  Other good foods for hair are soy milk and tofu because they are rich in protein as well as low in fats.

2.      Beef

Quality of our hair is increased by the consumption of Beef. This kind of meat contains proteins, vitamin B complex, Zinc and Iron. In order to enhance hair strength as well as reduce hair loss risk, you had better consume beef two times or three times a week.

3.      Bean Sprouts

Silica might not be a word you commonly hear associated with foods for preventing hair loss. If you want to promote your hair growth and prevent hair fall, then silica will be on your menu. Human body uses silica to absorb vitamins and minerals as well. The rich sources of silica are bean sprouts, the cucumbers’ skin, red peppers (green, as well), and potatoes. Keep in mind, eating these foods raw might help you get more nutritional value than cooked ones.

4.      Raisins

Iron plays a key role in producing hemoglobin which is a part of blood and carries the oxygen to the body’s organs as well as tissues. If the hemoglobin is at healthy level, oxygen dispersal will be normal and proper. As a result, your scalp will get good flow of blood, thereby promoting and stimulating hair growth. But, if not, your hair will be at the risk of falling. Adding more iron to your current diet is necessary if you want to boost the quality of your hair fast. The idea is, when you crave for something sweet, remember to consume cherry juice and dried fruits packed with iron. Other sources of iron are dates; dark green, leafy vegetables like kale; and whole-grain cereals. When it comes to iron, vitamin C will help you absorb iron more completely. Thus, fruits such as oranges, strawberries, and lemons need to be on the grocery list.

5.      Sea Foods

As studies, those people who are suffering from hair loss, particularly men, are found to be lack of Zinc. This substance plays an important role in many of human body’s functions and like cell reproduction and hormonal balance. Also, it functions your hair growth condition. However, the most important is, zinc controls the glands which attach to the hair follicles. When you are in zinc deficiency, these follicles become weak, thereby, the strands will fall out.

In order to defeat this problem, you need to create a diet plan that consists of the foods containing zinc, including poultry, mussels, nuts, shrimp, red meats, and oysters. On the other hand, consuming too much zinc also leads to the condition of hair loss. Therefore, it is the best for you to plan a zinc-heavy diet rather than consume a zinc supplement.

6.      Sweet Potatoes

Another way to prevent hair loss is eating potatoes. Potatoes are packed with the large amount of Beta-carotene’s. After eating this, the body will convert it into vitamin A. The growth of hair and tissues is managed moderately by vitamin A. In other words, it might be tempting to eat fast food, right? Yet, if you are craving for fries and burger, you had better cook the burger yourself and dice, season, or bake some potato wedges. Try to control the intake of excessively cold, sugary, and spicy foods. These foods will weaken your body because when your body consumes unhealthy things, it will not be able to function at its peak level.

7.      Oat

This can prevent hair breakage, fall, and loss. Oats consist of rich quantity of copper, zinc, potassium, proteins, vitamin B and micro-nutrients. Not only are oats loaded with those above vitamins, it also contains fiber and omega-6 fatty acids that can help to maintain a healthy heart and bowels. Together, these assist eaters in maintaining normal skin, hair growth as well as development. Since this essential food just can be obtained via diet, so, make sure your breakfast contains a bowl of oatmeal every few weeks in a week.

Source: Health RC, Tony Nygen