8 Lifestyle Changes to Prevent Hair Loss


1.      Say No To Junk Food

The first step towards healthy is to switch to an exercise regime and healthy diet. Eat protein rich foods like barley, maize, or brown rice in your current palette. Also, you need to drink plenty of water because this will not only keep your skin smooth and healthy but also make the hair roots stronger.  Another important advice is to not indulge in starving yourself to decrease weight because it just make your hair’s health worse.

2.      Massage Your Scalp

A good hot oil massage will be the best treat you can give to your hair. Rub hot oil into the scalp for at least 1 hour, even more, in order to restore moisture as it will replenish your hair roots and supply them with intense nourishment. Massage your scalp for a few minutes daily will assist you in stimulating circulation. And good circulation in your scalp will keep the hair follicles active.  Using coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil, olive oil, or amla oil will also benefit the scalp.

3.      General Hair Care

It is recommended people who want to prevent hair loss, need to avoid hot water baths when washing hair. Hot water will open the pores, make the hair follicles brittle, thereby leading to hair loss. Another problem to keep in mind is not to comb the hair right after washing or comb too rough.  If your hair is long, then you should not tie the tresses in a bun all the time because this could lead to hair loss as well. Finally, if you are serious about preventing hair fall and actually love your hair, then please avoid indulging in various hair styling as this might ruin your tresses.

4.      Manage Stress

Believe it or not, most of the time, the hidden cause for hair loss is tension and stress.  Extremely stressful situations might be the cause of your hair loss; thus, it is necessary to control your stress effectively in order to abolish the risk of hair loss. Extreme stress might cause hair loss in the form of alopecia areata. Take the time to identify your stress triggers, perhaps it is a difficult relationship, miserable job, or financial worries. Once the cause is defined, it will be easier for you to treat the stress. I highly recommend you learn several easy yoga routines and workouts. Any hobby you feel interesting or might take your mind off things making you stressed is beneficial, such as reading, walking, or going to the theater or cinema.

5.      Snacking

It is essential for you not to wait too long between meals. Eating every 3 to 4 hours, you can prevent hair loss. The energy to form hair cells diminishes 4 hours after eating certain meals; thus, snacking between meals will help to boost your energy levels fast. The best energy promoting snacks are complex carbohydrates like fruit and nuts.

6.       Never Over Wash The Hair

Yes, the hair needs washing to get rid of the pollution and dirt, yet, the rule of is to never over do it. Excess hair washing will not only strip the dirt but also take away natural oils and damage your hair.

7.      Avoid Excessive Heating

In the fashionable world today, all of us like to style the hair to look our best. Nevertheless, remember constant and excessive dying and heating could weaken your hair protein and make it more fragile and brittle. As a result, you might be at the risk of hair loss. Therefore, minimize the usage of hair dyers and curlers.

8.      Avoid Using the Wrong Shampoo

Another word-of-mouth tip on how to prevent hair loss is choosing a suitable shampoo. The switch helps to shock your scalp, and also helps your hair become stronger and shinier. Continuously changing the type of shampoo may make your hair condition worse and lead to hair loss. A good way to switch might be just use different type of shampoo within the same brand.

Source Health RC