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Welcome to Arizona Wig Boutique In Scottsdale Arizona!

Selecting a wig is a very personal endeavor. It’s also a bit challenging, and intimidating if you’re not experienced in purchasing wigs. Our boutique is a place where we demystify the experience. Our primary goal for every patron who visits the Arizona Wig Boutique is to have them beaming with satisfaction and confidence in their new look, or revived previous self as they leave the store.

Arizona Wig Boutique

Your Hair Loss Journey, Discover Your Perfect Wig Style With Confidence!

Many of our clients have experienced some sort of hair loss. Whether from cancer treatments, alopecia or some other affliction, we are very sensitive to the trauma associated of losing one’s hair. We also understand the importance of reestablishing the confidence our hair brings to the sense of a happy self. We have extensive experience with the process one undertakes in trying a wig for the first time in these upsetting circumstances. We also have private rooms in the store to help if the client is more comfortable with being separated from public areas while trying on their wigs in this situation.

Modern Hair Solutions For A Natural Look!

There are many options when it comes to purchasing a hairpiece or wig. And the good news is, there have been technological advances that make wearing a wig appear a lot more natural than in generations before. Today’s products are no longer the embarrassing hair helmets you’d see 25-30 years ago. Surprisingly, those gorgeous hairstyles you’ve seen on celebrities, influencers and even your neighbor down the road may very well be a newly styled wig.

The Personal Touch For Your Unique Look

If you buy a wig online, it’s sometime difficult to get the look one sees in the internet picture. We’ve been told many times especially if you’re new to the practice, you just can’t order a wig from a picture then pull it out of the box and put it on your head expecting to be the person in the photo. There is a lot to finding your specific look. You are uniquely you after all. 

Expert Guidance at Arizona Wig Boutique

How do we get you there? When we sit down with a guest, there’s discussion around what you’re looking for. We then take you around the store to examine various styles, both in synthetic and natural human hair. 

From there, we try on different pieces to see what feels best for you. This entails looking at styles and colors, the weights of various wigs and also as important, the right fit. There are many different options to sizing each hair piece. From there, we often need to trim some lace off the front of the cap so that if fits perfectly. Finally, cutting some hair off your selection might be what you want to get your new hair looking just right. Ultimately, we are not happy unless you are thoroughly pleased with your selection.

Ready To Find The Right Creative Hair Solution For You?

If you’re in the market for a hair piece or wig, or you’re just curious, stop in to have a consultation. Arizona Wig Boutique provides a walk-in service only with no appointments necessary, and certainly no obligaton to buy. Our experienced sylists have been in the hair and wig business for many years. We are confident we can help you find your best look.

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