Always remaining a mystery, one elaborate wig at a time.


We love Sia – with her emosh pop music that has us hooked.

But what we love most about her is her elaborate wig!

Sia recently revealed the reason behind her public appearance as a way to give off a sense of mystery, in addition to privacy. Wearing a wig for her gives a mysterious and aloof appearance. It is almost as if for her, when she puts on wig, she is someone new. A pop sensation. Without  a wig, she is Sia,  the woman who goes to the store and buys milk.  Can wigs do that? Can they make you feel superior, elaborate, fashion forward, celebrity-esk? We believe so. Wearing a wig does not have to be a last resort option, an embarrassing cover up or any other negative thought.  Think of wearing a wig, if you choose to due to medical or personal reasons, as an opportunity for your inner celebrity to come out! Strut your look as if you are walking on a runway. Just like Sia, you are beautiful without a wig, but with a wig – you are a pop sensation.

If you are looking to add a wig to your fashion closet, get in touch with one of our stylist. Will help you bring out your inner pop star.