Assisting breast cancer patients with FREE WIGS!

The Live and Give Foundation, Inc. aka ‘Don’t be a Chump! Check for a Lump!’ is one such organization. We have formed a ‘Wig Out’ Program that offers free wigs to breast cancer patients in Arizona undergoing chemotherapy. Through the Wig Out Program, you can pick out one wig of your choice, up to $250.00 retail price. We work with reputable local wig shops. The wig shop will bill the Live and Give Foundation, Inc. directly – no money out of your pocket. For women who do have insurance coverage for wigs, Wig Out will supplement the insurance allowing you to select a wig that suits you without worrying about the price or a co-pay. If you do not have insurance coverage we will cover the full price up to $250.00

To apply to the Wig Out program please visit

We will notify you after you are approved by email or phone if no email is available. You will then be able to go to the wig shop you have chosen and pick out one wig up to $250.00. You are responsible for any amount above our limit. If you have chosen a wig shop that requires an appointment please be sure to call and make an appointment before going.

We would greatly appreciate you sharing any pictures of yourself in your new wig and any stories you are comfortable sharing. We love to include pictures/stories of our clients on our website and facebook page to help promote our Wig Out program and encourage donations to sustain it.

Please email any pictures/stories to: We wish you the very best in your treatment!

Special thanks to Live and Give Foundation.

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