Can lost hair be grown back?


Yes it can. Read this to find out how.

Hair sheds on a daily basis and this is natural. ‘Hair loss’ happens when new hairs don’t replace the lost hairs. The hair follicles become dormant and your hair looks thinner overall.

However you can reactivate the dormant hair follicles.

The diagram below shows a tiny, see-through, almost invisible dormant hair follicle. You have thousands of these all over your scalp. When you reactivate them, your hair becomes much thicker.

DHT, calcification and inflammation

The most common cause of hair loss is a hormone called ‘DHT’. You can reduce hair loss and in some cases even reverse hair loss by reducing the amount of DHT in your body. However, DHT causes damage to your scalp. So in order to regrow lost hair, you must reverse the damage caused by DHT.

It is possible to reverse calcification in the scalp using a special type of liquid magnesium product.

Massively increase blood circulation in the scalp

DHT causes inflammation in the scalp. It is thought that this may directly restrict the flow of blood to the hair follicles, restricting the supply of nutrients to the hair. It is vital for your hair that there is a strong supply of blood to the follicles.


The result of restricted blood supply is that your hairs become totally malnourished. It’s like grass that hasn’t received any water. At first it gets dry and stops growing. Eventually it dries up completely.

However, just like grass, it can be revived: by flooding it with a rich supply of nutrients via the bloodstream.

What results can you expect from my instructions?

Here are before and after pictures of my hair. The picture on the left was taken of my hairline when I was first developing the hair regrowth methodology. The picture on the right is approximately twelve months later.


Before I regrew my hair, it was very thin on top and at the front particularly. I really wanted to be able to part my hair to the sides, but I couldn’t because my hair was far too thin. Since reactivating my hair follicles my hair has become much thicker on top and now I am able to part my hair into a half decent style!

I did this using my special methodology, which involves consuming three amino acids supplements in a special combination that makes your body use the amino acids for hair growth. Then I used a special technique that takes just two minutes a day to send those amino acids in large volumes to my hair. I watched as tiny blonde hairs started to appear. Gradually they became darker and longer. Eventually my hair filled out.

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