Cyber hair is like the real thing

Recently, we shared with our customers that we have Cyberhair available. Cyberhair looks, acts and feels like the real thing. Instead of feeling balky, and being unresponsive, the fiber textures of Cyberhair imitate natural human hair giving the impression and feel of real hair. It is so much like your own hair, that it will move in the wind, and shine vibrantly like healthy hair. And,  you can even shower, shampoo or sleep in Cyberhair…

And you can even go  swimming!

Cyberhair may even be better than the real thing! Because of it’s unique features, it is light weight, more colorfast, and holds styles better, making it much easier and faster to style than human hair!

Cyberhair is more than a wig, it is a revolutionary product that will change your appearance for life.