Consider that special day – Try a wig, hairpiece or hair extension

That day is approaching – the one you’ve been planning for months. The caterer is picked out, the seating chart is complete, the flowers are chosen, the cake is delicious, and the dress sparkles. And everything is perfect – except your hair. It’s too short – or maybe it’s cut in a way that can’t be styled in that picture perfect way you have been dreaming about your whole life – and you are starting to think you’ll have to accept that not everything will be perfect on your wedding day…

We have some good news – it can be.

In fact, we have the solution! A wig, a hairpiece or a hair extension!

We know, you are looking at us like we have just spoken Latin. But the truth is, a wig is no longer considered something the British wear in the house of commons (After three centuries, they are finally changing that…)  A wig can be a life saver, it gives millions of men and women confidence after suffering from hair loss. A wig can also be a moment for change – many choose to wear a wig to try out a new look and see if it fits for them. And a wig can also help you on that special day.

Whether you choose a beautiful, curly hair style like the Spotlight wig by Raquel Welch…

Or a hair extension, like the Layered Halo by HALOCOUTURE, that gives you a bit of length and layers…


Or perhaps you choose to wear a hair piece to add some bangs like the EasiFringe Hairpiece

Easifringe human hair

Each choice can help you achieve the beautiful hair you have been dreaming about for your wedding day, without permanently changing your hair. How cool is that?
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