Hair Accessories for wigs

Hair accessories are making a comeback this fall. From flirty flowers to making a statement head bands, there is an accessory that will flatter anyone’s hair do. Wearing a wig does not mean you cannot indulge in the latest hair trends. Here are our Top 5 favorite Hair Accessories that we can’t wait to add to our wig looks:

1. The making a statement Headband

From rock and roll leather bands strutting the runway to jewel encrusted halo worn by Taylor Swift, headbands are here to stay — again. We love the variety of headbands available, and any style headband can be added to the top of your wig. But if you are looking for a wig with a built in headband, we recommend checking out Henry Margu’s Page Band piece.

2. The optical illusion of a suspended pony tail.

This hair trend may be tricky to add in, but after Christian Dior wowed us this past spring with this optical illusion – we cannot stop finding a way to make it happen. It may need a little more than a styling and adding one of our pony tail hair pieces to make this runway look be ready for ready-wear. However, the pony tail hair accessory can easily be added to extend your natural look into a sporty up do that will still create an optical illusion of suspended hair.

3.  The endearing Jewel clips and Barrettes

Celebrities like Zooey Deschanel make this hair trend both adorable and stylish. Adding a hair clip like the oversized jewel worn by Deschanel, or a simple petite clip make an everyday look perfect for a night on the town.

4. Head Scarves

Head scarves are nothing new in our world, as they are always fashionable. This season, the scarf becomes versatile with partial wrap around the middle, wrapped around a pony tail, or classic full wrap. From solid to decorative design, there is a head scarf calling your name. If you are looking for a wig hair piece with a head scarf already in place, check out the Halo Bob by Rene of Paris.

5. Hats be Hats

From classic cowboy and base ball caps to knitted beanies, hats have always been in fashion. And this fall, they will be all over the runway. Hats can add a sense of adventure and glam to any fashinista’s wardrobe, and fit well on top of any wig. But if you are looking for a hairpiece with a hat, try on Rene of Paris’ Rop Halo look.

These our are top 5 hair accessory choices for Fall 2015. Most of these will work with any wig, but be sure to consult with one of our amazing stylists to find the hair accessory that perfects your wig style. Let us know if your favorite hair accessory made our list on facebook or twitter.

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