Hair loss in teenagers

September 29, 2017 – Usually when we talk about hair loss, we are referring to adults experiencing hair loss. However, hair loss can occur at any age and can happen in teenagers more often than you think. There are many causes for hair loss in teenagers, but here are few common reasons.


Changes in hormones can fluctuate everything from emotions to eating habits to hair growth. The root cause of hair loss lies in the dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, hormone. DHT shrinks the hair follicles, causing hair to fall out. This hormone usually manifests in men, but can cause hair loss in women as well.


Many prescription drugs that alter hormones, like birth control, can have a side effect of thinning out the hair. Teenage girls will be prescribed birth control pills to control acne, and will experience this kind of side effect. Other medications such as blood thinners, or even high doses of vitamin A, can have a side effect of hair loss as well.

Poor nutrition:

The most common reason for hair loss in teenagers is probably due to poor diet. Teens tend to enjoy diets filled with high carbs and sugars, rather than healthy portions of fruits and vegetables. This can cause deficiencies of important vitamins and nutrients that help create healthy hair.  Poor nutrition due to eating disorders can also cause hair loss.

Medical Conditions:

Excessive hair loss can be a sign of a serious medical condition such as a thyroid imbalance, diabetes or even alopecia. When teenagers experience serious medical conditions like these for the first time, they usually have accompanying symptoms as well.

If a teenager is experiencing excessive hair loss, it is important to see a doctor right away to rule out any serious medical condition. If it is not a serious medical condition, changing diets, habits and getting a good night’s sleep usually helps start the process of growing healthy hair again.