If I want long hair, I just put my Halo on

If I want long hair, I just put my Halo on.

Summer has arrived in Scottsdale. For us, that means we are battling 110 degree days and dreaming of rain. And for most of us, when summer hits, we find ourselves at our hairstylists seeking relief from long winter length. We want short hair to keep cool.
Short hair looks good and is perfect for spending summer days hiking or swimming in the pool. But sometimes it’s not so perfect for a night out. Date night rolls around, and we regret the cut, yearning for our long hair to style in a way we know looks sexy and beautiful. Not that short hair can’t be sexy, it’s just sometimes, you want length.

If you are like me and have cut off all your hair for the summer, but are dreaming of length again – it’s okay, we are in luck, all we need is a Halo.

More specifically, the original Halo by Halocouture!

This hair extension can instantly transform your hair and give you up to 24″ of added length! 100% Remy human hair, the Original Halo comes in four sizes: 12”, 16”, 20” and 24”. Because it is made of human hair, it does not add any additionally excessive weight and weighs the same as it would if you had a full head of hair. It does not damage your hair and is virtually undetectable. It comes in more than 30 shades, creating a seamless blend with your own natural color.

Adding volume or length, for the night, has become so simple and natural with the Original Halo Halocouture extension. It takes literally seconds to look glamorous again. If you want to learn more about the Original Halo by Halocouture, or to find the perfect color Halo to match your hair, call to schedule an appointment with one of our stylists today.