Look Good, Feel Better

Feel beautiful again.


Many of our customers are going through chemo and are losing their hair. Hair loss is one of the many side effects that make patients feel like they are not themselves anymore. Although appearance is a major part of our popular culture, we tend to forget how important it is to our identities. If you or a loved one is battling cancer and starting to not feel like yourself, take a look at a wonderful program called “Look Good, Feel Better,” that is centered around offering cancer patients a chance to feel like themselves again.

The free program offers workshops on make up tips, wig styling advice, and sample products to help cancer patients through the appearance related side effects of treatment.

‘The program’s goal is to make women feel better by offering women a chance to look and feel good about themselves, but it also gives women the opportunity to meet other women going through cancer treatments as well.

Here is a wonderful six minute video from the Look Good Feel Better You Tube channel that shares insights about the program:

The program offers free workshops in our area too. Check out this list of places that offer more information on the program.