Miss Delaware 2010 Kayla Martell Talks Hair Loss


Hair loss can be devastating to a woman’s confidence, but Kayla Martell, Miss Delaware 2010, didn’t let that stop her from competing in beauty pageants. The beauty queen recently spoke out about living with alopecia and the solutions available to women dealing with hair loss during an appearance on the CBS New York show The Couch.

Martell said that her hair started falling out when she was 11 years old, so she has already been living with the condition for 14 years. She explained that her alopecia comes and goes, and can affect different parts of her head at the same time.

She pointed out that women dealing with hair loss—whether from alopecia, the effects of chemotherapy, or other struggles—have a number of solutions available to them. These include wigs, hair prosthesis, hair transplant, and low-level light therapy, which helps stop hair loss and preserve the remaining hair.

“Things can change so quickly with hair loss and so it’s important to gain a grasp on it as quickly as you can, get a diagnosis, and figure out what your next step is going to be,” she said.

While most women competing in beauty pageants have long, flowing hair, Kayla Martell competed without a wig three times during her run for Miss Delaware, letting everyone see her bald head, and even placed in the top 5 sans wig. While she ultimately won the title while wearing a wig, she said that she received a lot of support from everyone regarding her hair loss.

“I had a great experience. I was never made to feel as if I had to change myself,” she said.

As reported by Yahoo omg!, several celebrities have publicly discussed their experience with hair loss, including January Jones, Anna Kendrick, Khloe Kardashian, and Selma Blair. Jones has thinning hair after using too much dye, while stress made Kendrick and Kardashian lose hair. Blair revealed that she suffered from postpartum hair loss after giving birth to her son.

By Karen Lac of The Daily Glow September 10, 2013

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