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Down Time

Make a splash – and a fashion statement – with one of the longest, synthetic fiber wigs to date. Down Time features cascades of easy waves that go on forever. Fun, fearless, fabulous!

Style: Down Time

Sheer Indulgence™
100% Hand-knotted Base
Monofilament Top
Lace Front
Vibralite® Synthetic Hair
Cap Size: Average
Front: 12”
Crown: 15”
Sides: 15”
Back: 17”
Nape: 21”

Available Colors

R10, R11s+, R12/26H, R13F25, R14/25, R14/88, R1621S/R1621S+, R25, R29S+, R3025S/R3025S+, R4, R6, R6/30H, R829S+, R9F26, SS10/16, SS12/20, SS14/88, SS15/24, SS23/61, SS30/28, SS4/33, SS4/6, SS613, SS9/30

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