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Bring your inner Audrey Hepburn into the modern era with the timeless Pixie wig from Daniel Alain. There’s nothing sleeker than a short, stylish look that flawlessly complements the graceful contours of the neck and cheekbones. With Pixie, you can customize the 5-inch length to flaunt your favorite short hairstyle.

Think of the possibilities! Pixie, fringe, bangs, shag, layered, choppy, sleek, side part, middle part, no part — you name it! The Pixie brings fun back to styling while retaining classic appeal that’s always in style. Further customize your look by choosing from nine signature colors.

Pixie is made with 100% European hair that lays flawlessly at the nape of the neck. The lace front construction creates a seamless hairline and offers all-day comfort and security. Our premium human hair wigs shine, style, and move naturally, filling you with confidence and charisma.

You’re one-of-a-kind, and Pixie gives you the hair to match your unique flair!


Caffeine 2060, Cappuccino 5035, Caramel Latte 5030, Chardonnay 10030, Cinnamon 15040, Espresso 1010, Irish Cream 6020, Macchiato 5005, Mocha Latte 3030, Tea 3050


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