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Pretty Please

Shoulder length cut, full of free-flowing movement with light, airy layers and tapered ends that sweep away from the face.

Style: Pretty Please

Cap Size: Average
Front: 6½”
Crown: 9¼”
Sides: 9¼”
Back: 9¼”
Nape: 8¾”

Available Colors

RL10/12, RL10/22SS, RL11/25, RL12/16, RL12/22SS, RL13-88, RL14-22, RL14-25, RL14/22SS, RL14/25SS, RL16-88, RL17/23SS, RL19-23, RL19/23SS, RL2-4, RL29-25, RL29/33ss, RL30-27, RL31-29, RL32-31, RL33-35, RL4-6, RL4/10SS, RL5-27, RL511, RL56-60, RL6-28, RL6-30, RL6-8, RL613SS, RL8-29

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