Designed for maximum top-of-head coverage, Sonata has soft curls that can be styled for fullness or brushed into soft waves. This piece is ideal for adding volume to short, layered cuts and can also be worn over swept up lengths to create a classic updo.

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Style: Sonata (Top Piece)

Recommended for all stages of Hair loss
Kanekalon Vibralite® Synthetic Fiber
Hair Length: 3″ – 4½”
Base: 8″ x 9¾”

Available Colors

R10, R101, R12/26H, R12T, R14/25, R14/88H, R1416T, R16, R1621S/R1621S+, R2, R21T, R22, R23s+, R25, R29S/R29S+, R3025S/R3025S+, R33, R38, R4, R44, R48, R56, R56/60, R6, R6/30H, R60, R8, R8/25, R829s/R829s+, R830, SS12/22, SS14/88

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