Put a Cap on Cancer

We love this project that Natasha Verma, TV Reporter at NBC 10 Boston, has started up based on her own experience fighting cancer. Verma was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and during chemotherapy she experienced an all too common symptom, losing her hair. Hair does not define us, but it does play a role in how confident we feel.  When Verma began losing her hair, she turned to wigs to find something that matched her natural hair and her natural look. Not finding what she felt was her, she began covering up her wigs with a cap – She loved the look and realized a simple baseball cap was is in the end what she was looking for – it helped her be her again.

Fighting cancer takes more than just your hair, it can also take all your strength, your courage and sometimes your faith. In Verma’s case, it looked like wearing her caps gave her a glimpse of who she was and who she is, and the strength to keep fighting. She’s now in remission, and now wants to help other women battling cancer.

Her project, “Put a Cap on Cancer,” is seeking to raise funds to create and give custom Cap Wigs at no cost to families dealing with cancer. Her Custom Cap Wigs are a cap with 100% human hair permanently attached to the cap to create a ready-to-wear look, with no styling needed. They are a fashionable and comfortable hair choice, designed for adults and children

Get involved by donating through her website. 


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