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Why do wigs tangle?

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Why do wigs tangle? Anyone who has purchased a wig knows the struggle of a tangled wig. Whether you buy human hair or synthetic, at some point your wig will tangle – and more often than your natural hair. To answer why wigs tangle so well, and how to prevent future...

Jon Renau’s secret to a beautiful human hair blowout

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7-steps to the perfect blowout Jon Renau just released this amazing 7 step tutorial for a perfect human hair blowout on their blog. We felt it was such a great tip, we had to share it too! Find more wonderful tips and styles from Jon Renau on their website:  

The Benefits of Modern Wigs

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Today’s wigs are nothing like those of the past. The wigs made today feel soft and beautiful like natural hair. They are available in many different styles, colors, and lengths. The range of prices for these wigs is affordable making them available to women in many different...