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Why do wigs tangle?

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Why do wigs tangle? Anyone who has purchased a wig knows the struggle of a tangled wig. Whether you buy human hair or synthetic, at some point your wig will tangle – and more often than your natural hair. To answer why wigs tangle so well, and how to prevent future...

National Donate Your Hair Day

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Pantene is hosting its third annual National Donate Your Hair Day on Saturday, November 22, 2014! Pantene’s campaign, Beautiful Lengths, is a partnership with the American Cancer Society, that hopes to encourage people nationwide to donate their hair to have it turn into...

Would you wear a wig just for fun?

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Would you wear a wig just for fun? We talk a lot about the significance wigs have for cancer patients and people with Alopecia Areata. A wig brings amazing confidence for those losing their hair and for some, their signature look. But, wigs are not just worn by people who are...