The Difference Between Synthetic/Monofilament and Human Hair Wigs


The most common choice for wigs are usually made from synthetic fibers as they are easier to maintain and of course, comparatively cheaper. Although cheaper, it doesn’t mean that synthetic wigs do not look as natural as real ones.

New materials and technology in synthetic fibers today can make them look very realistic indeed. Also, not all synthetic wigs are made equal, the higher quality ones are meant for daily use and can be as good as human hair wigs. Large beauty corporations like Aspen, Revlon and Norico produce very natural synthetic hair wigs for a very reasonable price.


  • Easy to care and maintain
  • Prices are quite reasonable


  • No matter how good the quality it is, it won’t feel like natural hair
  • You can’t iron or blow dry them
  • Pre styled (but some can be reset)
  • Won’t last long compare to human hair wigs

If you are looking for a short term problem to your hair loss condition and don’t want to invest too much on wigs, it’s advisable to consider a synthetic wig.

Human Hair Wigs

Human hair wigs will definitely feel and look like your real hair. However, they are more expensive because they come in limited quantity. The longer it is, the more expensive it will be. If you are considering a one, it’s best to get a short one, not longer than shoulder length. It will be much more easier to manage when you need to undergo further treatments especially chemotherapy and radiation.

The majority of human hairs come from Asian counties like China and Mongolia. However, higher quality ones usually come from India and Central Asian counties because women there have naturally thicker and darker hair.

The rarest and highest quality ones are from Eastern European counties like Croatia and Russia and are of course, they are most expensive wigs in the market because women there are not likely to sell their locks.

If you are looking for a blonde hair wig, the Asian hair will have to be bleached and treated a couple of times. This will result in breakages and reduce the robustness of the hair. Eastern European hair however are much lighter in color and less treatment are needed, leaving them feeling more natural, softer and silkier.

When you decide to choose a human hair wig, make sure you know the origins of the hair since you are expected to pay more for it. If it is not stated, it’s probably made in an Asian country and is of lower quality.


  • Lasts longer compare to its synthetic counterpart
  •  Natural and realistic
  • Can be styled like your own hair
  • The hair breathes so you won’t sweat so much


  • Needs to be styled after every wash
  • Expensive to maintain and buy

Choosing a wig really depends on your budget. However, if you are looking for a long term solution to your hair loss and retain it’s natural feel, nothing beats a natural human hair wig.


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