The Magic Yarn Project

We stumbled upon some good news this week called “The Magic Yarn Project”

The Magic Yarn project, founded by Holly Christensen, creates soft and beautiful yarn wigs for kids who are battling cancer.

Christensen says that because “chemo treatments often leave patients’ bare scalps too sensitive for traditional wigs,” she thought creating a soft, warm and comfortable alternative might help make the fight a little easier for kids battling cancer.

Her project began when Christensen, a nurse, heard her friend’s daughter was battling cancer. She wanted to offer the daughter something that was a softer alternative to the traditional wig and would bring a smile to her face during the hard months to come. So she created a Rapunzel wig for her. The daughter was overcome with joy, and after she received a lot of positive feedback and suggestion to help other kids, her small project snowballed into something bigger. She soon found volunteers to help her make wigs for other kids battling cancer. This past fall she has been raising money on Go Fund Me to keep the project going. The goal is to continue to give free yarn wigs to families in hospitals nationwide. 

Here is a little information about their project from their site: 

“About our princess wigs:

Magic Yarn wigs are made with soft acrylic yarns, and embellished with gems, crocheted flowers, starfish and snowflakes, silk flowers, and nylon/polyester ribbons.

Volunteers send us handmade crocheted beanies/hats. At our workshops, we attach long strands of yarn and accessories to the beanies, and style them to resemble a variety of princesses. Our wigs are machine washable when placed in a mesh laundry bag. We deliver them in clear cellophane packaging with a whimsical greeting card for the girls and information on our project for their parents. Our wigs are made 100% by volunteers and funded 100% by donations of yarn and money. We currently are creating Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, Ariel, and generic “rainbow” wigs with hopes to include Jasmine and Belle wigs in the near future.”

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