Tips for picking out your first wig

Here are some tips for picking out your first wig:

1. Select a wig that matches your current hairstyle. If this is your firs time wearing a wig, a familiar style will help you feel more confident and make the transition easier if you stay in your comfort zone.

2. Choose a wig that is somewhat close to your natural hair, and try blending in your own hair along the  hairline if you can for a more natural look. To do this, place the wig on, and then pull out small sections of your own hair along the sides and front using your fingers or a comb.

3.  Make your look more you. Add a headband, scarf or any hair accessory to fit your style. Wearing a wig doesn’t mean you have to wear it the same way all the time. Let yourself be creative.

4.  Choose the right size. There is nothing worse than an ill fit wig. You don’t want your wig riding up, slipping off or to look misshapen by excess bulk at the crown. A stylist can help select the perfect fit

5. Take your wig to your hairstylist to have bangs cut or trimmed, shaped or thinned out to remove excess bulk. A custom cut can make an out of the box wig look great and fit your style.

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