Tips on dealing with Hair Loss

Have you recently noticed your hair is thinning?  You are not alone.

85% of all men have significant thinning hair by the time they reach their fifties, and 40% of all people with hair loss are women. Although some causes of hair loss are genetic, hair loss can be caused by many common health issues such as an underactive thyroid, cancer treatments, or even as a side effect to certain prescriptions. Hair loss is not only an older demographic concern, more and more people in their 20s are looking for ways to deal with hair loss.

As reported by the American Hair Loss Association, hair loss can affect every aspect of someone’s life – from personal relationships to career paths. For many, women and men, hair loss can be an emotional rollercoaster causing anxiety, self-esteem concerns and other emotional issues.

If you are dealing with hair loss, remember you are not alone…  At Arizona Wig Boutique, we are all too familiar with the struggles and self-esteem concerns people with hair loss have. The struggle does not have to be a negative route. Here are some positive tips on ways to cope with hair loss:

  • Put it in perspective, hair loss is as challenging as you make it. Remind yourself that hair loss is not life threatening.
  • True friends and love ones will love you for you, and not for how much hair you have on your head. 
  • Feel beautiful again and work with one of our stylists to find a hairstyle that fits your look. Our stylists will help you find the perfect wig, hat, or a headscarf that complements your sense of fashion.
  • Build a community. Whether you speak to friends and family about your fears of hair loss, join an alopecia organization, or connect with other people in your situation on forums, talking about it will help you move forward.
  • Hair loss may just be a temporary situation. If you are going through chemotherapy, or hair loss is caused by temporary situation, remind yourself that it is temporary and not forever.
  • Look Good, Feel Better. Be sure to check out organizations like Look Good, Feel Good that have free workshops to help find confidence again in your appearance.
  • Embrace it. Confidence is sexy, be comfortable in your own skin.


And check out this buzzfeed article on 27 stunning women who show that bald is beautiful .  Or order this book: Turning Heads.

No matter how emotionally devastating hair loss may seem at first…

The one thing to remember as you learn to cope is that It does not define who you are. Beauty is still skin deep.