Top 5 from Jon Renau’s Chocolate Collection

Julianne wig

We love chocolate!

Because it’s February, everyone is talking about chocolate. With Valentine’s day in the early part of the month, and now grocery stores are filled with Easter inspired chocolate, it’s hard not to see chocolate everywhere! Even in hair! We imagine that is what inspired Jon Renau to feature their chocolate collection – their past season wigs in four new brown shades. Although all of their wigs are beautiful, these are our top 5 favorite wigs in their new shades: 

Annette wig front


This Short flirty Smartlace pixie wig looks gorgeous in a milk chocolate shade. Classy and a comfortable construction make this short style perfect for anyone looking to go shades darker than dirty blonde.

Elizabeth wig

2. Elizabeth

The fringe layered Elizabeth looks artsy hip in this light brown blend highlighting reds and blonds. Anyone interested in a medium length transformation will feel creative and classy in the Elizabeth of any shade. 

3. Victoria

We love dark chocolate, and the classic Victoria bob in dark chocolate, with shades of raspberry is no exception! Bring out your modern look in this sharp angled bob, you’ll feel deep and rich, like dark chocolate. 

Zara Wig

4. Zara

Length never looked so good in this 54% dark chocolate shade. Filled with highlights, the Zara’s length and layers give endless styling options for the middle of the road chocolate lover. 

Julianne Wig Red

5. Julianne

One of our favorite Jon Renau wigs, the effortless wavy Julianne looks classy in any shade of chocolate. From milk chocolate to dark chocolate, or this shade (FS6/30/27), you’ll always look beautiful in a Julianne.

If you have been dying to know what it’s like to be a Brunette, because after all we all know they have the most fun, try one of our favorite Jon Renau’s in a chocolate shade! As always, any of our stylists are here to help you find the perfect wig, in any shade. 

Many of Jon Renau’s wigs are available in the  chocolate shades, we just prefer these five styles. 

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