Top 5 Glamour Wigs

Holiday season is here! Well it’s approaching right after Halloween, and that means holiday party invites are starting to come in. Wigs can create the perfect hairstyle solution in minutes. And with office parties, family parties, or that holiday party held at that fancy gallery you’ve been looking forward to — you’ll need to transform your 9-5 look into red carpet, in seconds. We have five of our favorite Glamour wigs that might just be your answer to red carpet in seconds...



Here are our top 5 glamour wigs:


Short, layered with character, and flipped ends, Stacie is hassle free but glamorous for any red carpet event. This wig features a hand-tied top combined with monofilament construction for maximum comfort.

shilo wig
shilo wig


Lola combines the beauty of length with the cute personality of bangs. This combination is perfect for looking glamorous at any family event – even when meeting your future in laws!


This short stylized modern look is filled with attitude that may hint to the Miley Cyrus is all of us. However, this look is not your red carpet Miley Cyrus, more your confident glamorous Miley that will make you feel chic at any holiday party this year.

shilo wig
shilo wig


Shilo’s long soft layers create elegant length perfect for any black tie event. Easy to style or just wear as is, it will make feel glamorous either way!


Horizon adds short flirty curls perfect for a night out. This off the shoulder style is full of runway character, and creates an instant glamour ready look.

These are our favorite glamour looks. Let us know your favorites by sharing them on twitter or facebook!