Top 5 Hair additions

Toppers are not just for covering up bald spots – Toppers and other hair pieces can add volume to thin hair, lengthen short hair, or even create a hairdo that just isn’t possible with the hair you have. Hairpieces, toppers, or even sometimes called hair additions are great hair accessories to consider for anyone who wants to add a little something to their hair – thinning or not.

We have compiled a list of our top five favorite hair additions:


Top Level

Add Volume – Top Level Topper

This wavy gorgeous topper adds volume to your hair and integrates well with your own hair for a superior natural look

The ponytail – Henry Margu Temptation

This synthetic claw clip hair add on creates a long flirtatious pony tail. Perfect sporty up-do for an outside date. Henry Margu Temptation comes is a variety of shades to match your natural color.

highlight wrap hair piece
highlight wrap hair piece

Create a tousled look – Highlight Wrap

Need a way to go from chic clean to tousled fabulous? The highlight wrap can wrap around a bun to create an effortless but fabulous look perfect for any night out on the town.

Go Long – Mono Long

Waiting for your hair to grow out is like watching paint dry – takes forever. And won’t happen tonight unless you add a little length. This Mono long is created with synthetic fiber,  and blends in naturally with your hair for easy styling and parting. If you have thinning hair or need some extra length, try this Mono Long. You won’t be disappointed

Bang it out – Easi Bangs

Create a whole new look by clipping in bangs! Transform your entire style without going near scissors or making any permanent changes. These clip on bangs blend in naturally because they are made with human hair and are easy to style.

These are our favorite top five hair additions. What are yours? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook. We love to hear your opinion!