Top 5 Men’s Wigs

Did you know 85% of all men deal with some kind of hair loss? Although many men embrace their baldness with sexy confidence, some may feel more confident wearing a toupee or a wig. Today’s wigs for men are not the Donald Trump brush overs of yesterday, but rather a sexy alternative for keeping confidence. Here at Arizona Wig Boutique, we help a lot of men find the perfect wig. Every man is unique, but here are our top five favorite wigs for men that we think look great on every guy.

Top 5 favorite wigs for men:


Johnny is a young, layered cut with a long and soft nape. This slightly long but still short look is ideal for any guy who is young at heart.


Brad is a clean cut, but still dynamic, sporty, with a little length. Highly comfortable and available in a variety of shades, this look is perfect for any age, any career.


If you need a laid back, but powerful and confident look, George is your style. This classic men’s cut is always appealing, always trendy.


Roger is sport, Roger is business… the perfect cut for the every day man. If you need a clean cut with character for business and pleasure, you are a Roger


Are you McDreamy? This full wavy style will bring you confidence, and may have people mistake you for McDreamy. Casual but workable for any occasion.

These are our top 5 choices. What are your top five choices? Share with us on Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to hear your opinion!

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