Transform your look

Many of our customers purchase wigs to add volume to their hair, or cover up thinning hair. For them, it is very important that the wig blends in with their natural look, and we take pride in giving them back their appearance. However, for some, wearing a wig is an opportunity to try something new. To perhaps transform their everyday look into a glamorous amazon. Or they embrace the change of losing hair to try something different, something they couldn’t pull off with their natural hair. This top 5 list is for them — Those who want to transform their look with bold wigs…

Here is our top 5 transform your look list:

Go Short – Allure

If you have had medium to long hair most of your life, perhaps transform your look with a pixie wig. Allure is a refined pixie with short, feminine layers, perfect for the inner chic lady in all of us to shine

Go Long – Zara

Or perhaps your natural hair never grew length before the ends split. Transform your look with length, like the Zara style. Zara is a long, layered and natural looking style with softly feathered ends.

Add Bangs – Misha

Were you always afraid to try bangs? Take the opportunity now to transform your look by trying a wig style like Misha, that has ready to wear blunt fringe. You won’t have to go near scissors to see how cute this look will be on you.



Add Curls – Glam Slam

If you have had straight hair your whole life, and have been envious of women with natural curls, this transformation may be a match made in heaven for you! Glam Slam adds natural bouncy looking curls that make you feel bold, beautiful and glamorous!.

Go Wild – Desiree

Transform your look completely with the Desiree style! This wig adds length, curls, volume, you name it. Striking, bold, beautiful and still light weight and comfortable. If you want to do a complete 180, Desiree might be the style for you.

These are our top 5 favorite transform looks. Let us know your favorite or your own transforming story on Facebook or Twitter!