Wedding Hair Extensions: Do’s and Don’ts


Hair extensions are helpful if you want to add instant volume or length to your hair. Extensions are also popular for brides-to-be who have thin hair and want to try a particular wedding hairstyle. Here are some tips to follow when considering hair extensions for your wedding:

Hair Extension – Do’s

o DO put in hair extensions at least one to two weeks in advance your wedding day is not the day to try out a dramatic new style, including extensions

o DO use multi-color extensions to look blended and more natural

o DO increase thickness and length to achieve the exact effect you want

o DO schedule a trial run before the wedding day with hairstyles just in case

o DO prepare for the expense: using real hair will look more natural it will cost you more, but worth the price if you want it to look best

o DO wash and condition hair extensions before the big day

o DO your homework: find an expert stylist that is skilled in hair extensions and knows how to care for and style them

Hair Extensions – Don’ts

o DON’T shampoo hair for at least 48 hours after extensions have been applied

o DON’T use too much hair if using clip-in extensions or it will look unnatural

o DON’T go crazy with colors avoid using eccentric colors — you’ll want your hair to look natural

One popular option is with Raquel Welch Human Hair Clip-in Extensions and is featured at Arizona Wig Company. Now anyone can easily and affordably add length, volume, and highlights to their own hair.  Available in nine base color levels and six fashion colors. Each 100% human hair extension set consists of eight 18-inch-long pieces in varying widths (4 pc – 1 1/2″ wide, 2 pc – 6″ wide, 1 pc – 7″ wide, 1 pc – 8″ wide) plus two 1-inch-wide pieces to be used for testing color and perms.


Another important factor when choosing the right wedding hair style is your accessories. Many women are losing the traditional veil and opting to go with more casual accessories, such as, headbands or flowers, which look best when paired with soft, simple hairstyles. If you choose to go with the traditional veil, a tightly curled or braided updo or a half up half down hairstyle looks the best. Often, the movement of your veil against your wedding hairstyle can disrupt your hairstyle so it’s best to go faux if you want your hairdo to stay looking flawless.

Ask an Arizona Wig Company Stylist about this and other available hair extensions to look marvelous for your big day.