What types of wigs are available?


If you need to purchase a wig, you may be surprised at all the options available to you. Standard cap, capless or monofilament cap? Human or synthetic hair? The correct wig for you depends on how much money you are willing to spend as well as the type of look you want to achieve. By visiting a professional wig shop, you will be able to see the main differences among the types of wigs available.

Standard Cap

The standard cap wig is the most commonly purchased wig type, as it is the most affordable. The hair designs for these caps are predetermined and the layers of hair are attached to the cap by a machine. Normally these wigs have full hair, or hair that has been teased, to prevent the base cap from being seen.


The capless wig is similar in design to the standard cap; however, it laces the hair vertically instead of horizontally and it features small open spaces between the layers of hair. These openings will give the wig a capless feel, as it has plenty of ventilation. If you are looking for a wig that will keep your head cool during use, then this is the design you will want to choose.

Monofilament Cap

This type of cap uses a lightweight mesh, which can be made out of polyester or nylon. The mesh material allows the natural color of your scalp to be seen if the hair is moved out of the way, because of the see-through cap material. If you are searching for a natural appearance with your wigs, you will want to choose a monofilament cap wig. It does not have a visible cap, and the hair moves very naturally because each layer of hair is attached to the mesh by hand.

Synthetic Hair Wigs

Modern-day wigs mainly use synthetic hair as it is cheap to produce and, with current technologies, can have the same feel and movement as natural human hair wigs. When you select a synthetic hair wig you will need to discover if the hair is made out of a monofilament fiber, which gives the hair “memory” so it is able to maintain a style with very little upkeep. While synthetic hair wigs are the easiest to keep up and are the cheapest, you cannot style them with curling irons or any other abrasive hairstyling product. If you want to alter your hairstyle a lot, you will want to choose a human hair wig.

Human Hair Wigs

While the synthetic hair wigs are the most affordable option, human hair wigs are the most natural-looking wigs on the market. These wigs can be styled, cut and colored whenever you desire, so if you enjoy changing your hairstyle a human hair wig may be your best choice. Just like hair attached to a scalp, human hair wigs must be shampooed, conditioned and treated gently in order to maintain a shiny appearance. During humid days your style can lose its hold.

Human hair wigs normally use Indian, Chinese, Indonesian or European (Caucasian) hair. While European hair is the most durable, it is also the most expensive.

By Jonathan McLelland


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