What we can learn from Giggy the dog

picture from www.starpulse.com

Recently, celebrity personality Lisa Vanderpump adopted a new Pomeranian pup, after Sacramento SPCA reached out to her on twitter. This particular pup, named Harry, is a special dog. Like his new sibling, Giggy, Harry has alopecia. Alopecia, as we all know is the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows. When Giggy started losing hair, Vanderpump looked for any cure that Hollywood could buy, but there was no solution. Alopecia for dogs, just like for humans, is not curable. At least, not according to today’s science. 

Lisa Vanderpump never saw Giggy as anything less than the “sexiest, cutest, most attractive little dog on this planet.” And with that confidence, Giggy has continued to pursue stardom and be an advocate for all dogs with alopecia. Vanderpump, and her company Vanderpump pets, has designed a line of puppy clothing that keeps Giggy warm and fashionable as Giggy struts the red carpet or is found relaxing on a couch on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

What can we learn from Giggy, and soon, Harry? We can learn that Alopecia has not stopped Giggy from enjoying life. Giggy presents as a happy, admittedly spoiled dog, that doesn’t let hair loss keep it from doing what it does best, being a wonderful dog, friend, etc — the role Giggy was meant to be in this world. For many people who have Alopecia, suddenly losing hair can be heart breaking and discouraging. It can also cause a loss of self-esteem. However, living a wonderful life with alopecia is possible. Whether one feels confident in their beautiful natural baldness or wearing a wig, they should never let Alopecia stop them from being the person they are meant to be.

Giggy finds confidence wearing fancy clothing designed by Vanderpump, and perhaps that gives Giggy courage to strut the red carpet tail wagging. At Arizona Wig Boutique, we help people find the perfect wig to discover their confidence again in order to continue being the person they are meant to be. If you feel like you need a new wig so you can strut the runway like Giggy, feel free to give us a call.