What’s your color?

What’s your color?

For someone who is experiencing hair loss, wearing a wig gives them the opportunity to have the look and feel of their natural hair again. And with human hair wigs available in a variety of natural shades, you can find your natural look, making it difficult for anyone to know you are wearing a wig. 

But for some of us, embracing hair loss is an opportunity to find a new hair style and even a new color. Every wig comes in a variety of colors, some more than others. All of them, including our favorites like Raquel Welch and Ellen Willie, provide almost every natural hair color available. Take a look at some of the colors Raquel Welch offers:

So if you are a deep dark brown, go wild and take a chance with a blond bombshell shade without having to sit in a hairdresser’s chair for hours waiting for bleach to set in! Or if you always wanted to know what you looked like as a red, now is your chance. Take the opportunity of wearing a wig as a chance to try something new. At Arizona Wig Boutique, we have the color charts and color rings available for you to select your next shade. And if you are really bold, embrace the ultimate unnatural.

lavish wavez

We  can help with that too.

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