What’s your face shape?

What’s your face shape?

Ever wanted to know what hair style looks best with your face shape?

We’ve got the 101 on which wig style to choose based on your gorgeous angles!


If you have an Oval face: 

Oval faces are longer than others and tend to have prominent cheek bones and wider foreheads. They gracefully taper to the chin and are considered the “ideal” face shape to have because every hair style looks great due to their proportions. With that, we just recommend everyone who has an Oval face to try any wig style because they will all look good. Or just try anything Raquel Welch makes and wears because she’s your oval face sister.  

If you have a Long face:

The long face tapers down to the chin with elongated features from forehead to chin. This is the ideal face for bangs and soft curls. For women who have a long face, try the Stevie by Rene Paris. 

If you have a Round face:

With the round face, the width and length are very close in size, with the widest part of the face at the cheekbones area. Hairstyles that have a linear style or length help make the cheek bones look more narrow. Angled parts and layers also look great on round faces. Think Drew Barrymore and Mila Kunis hairstyles or try the Samantha. 

If you have a Square face:

On a square face the jawline, cheekbones and forehead are almost the same size, with the square and bony jawline as the most prominent feature. To break the angles up, adding volume on top or layers around the jawline. Katie Holmes inspired bobs look beautiful on square faces, and so will Victoria by Jon Renau.

Tatum wig

If you have a Heart Face: 

The heart shaped face is strongly tapered to the chin with the widest area at the forehead.  Bangs and length look stunning on the heart shape, as we always see on the stunning Reese Witherspoon. Try the Tatum for a Reese Witherspoon look.

If you have a Diamond Face:

Not as common as the other face shapes, the Diamond face is similar to the heart face because it strongly tapers to the chin. But unlike the diamond face, the widest part is at the temples. Many styles look great on the diamond, though volume is not needed. Glamour looks like the Lola look great on Diamond girls.

If you have a Pear (or triangle) face:

Less recognized than the Diamond face, but similar to the square face, a pear or triangle face has a narrow forehead but prominent jawline. Adding layers around the forehead adds an illusion of width to the forehead. Jon Renau’s Zara adds the right amount of layers in the right places

We hope our little guide helps you out, but if you need assistance finding the right style to match your face shape, get in touch with our stylists today. With wigs available in all lengths and cuts, we will be sure to find one that is perfect for you. 

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