Whimsical, hand-cut Baroque wigs

Russian Artist Asya Kozina crafts intricate

baroque wigs from paper

Russian Artist Asya Kozina’s new work is a collection of baroque style wigs created from white paper. These beautiful, stark white sculptural wigs give space for the light to highlight the intricate details on the wigs. Created to capture the wild hairstyles of the Victorian era, Kozina describes them as art for art sake, not practical for wear or use, but beautiful in a whimsical fairy tale spirit.

Kozina, like many artists who find hair inspiring, are bringing new dimensions to hair to see it as a sculptural work of art. Wigs give people the opportunity to not only express themselves physically in terms of appearnace, but apparently artistically too. See more of Asya Kozina’s work on her behance.net profile.