Wig out this Halloween

It is Halloween season! Get into character this year by adding a wig to your costume. Wigs are a great add on that can help transform your look into the real thing. Here are some costume ideas that include a wig that we love:

The Side braid

This year’s hottest trends for girl costumes are Frozen’s Queen Elsa and Anna costumes. Add a full length wig braided up to complete the snow princess look. The braid style also fits for other popular costume ideas like Katnis from the Hunger Games and even a mermaid look.


The Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is known for her fashion statements, including her bold use of wigs. Step into her shoes this Halloween, and try one of her looks for  a center look. All of her outfits are only complete with one of her bold wig choices. At Arizona Wig Boutique, we can help you find a bold  colorful wig to resemble Lady Gaga, or another celebrity like Katy Perry.


The classic wig costumes

Go classic with the 70s disco dancer costume and add an afro wig to complete the look. Or take a risk with a rainbow do. Both are classic looks that are top picks every Halloween season.


Classic Celebrity looks

The Mariyln Monroe look is also another costume that works year after year. Her ‘amber rose’ hairstyle is a great wig to get into character with. Or wow people with your art history knowledge, and dress your son up as Andy Warhol and Bob Ross.


See more costume ideas with wigs on our pinterest board.  And if you need help choosing the perfect wig to complete this year’s Halloween costume, give us a call today. We have a variety of Halloween wigs that work with many of this year’s hottest costumes.