Would you wear a wig just for fun?

Would you wear a wig just for fun?

We talk a lot about the significance wigs have for cancer patients and people with Alopecia Areata. A wig brings amazing confidence for those losing their hair and for some, their signature look.

But, wigs are not just worn by people who are suffering hair loss, wigs have become a celebrity must have fashionable accessory.
Famously, Lady Gaga is known to switch up her look from red carpet appearance to concert with just a change of a wig. She has been quoted to feeling beautiful and herself in her unique wigs. Lately though, Lady Gaga is not the only celebrity wearing wigs for fun, glamour, and to make a statement.

Beyonce Knowles has gorgeous natural curly hair, but in the spotlight she wears her hair straight and sleek. She uses wigs and hair pieces to get that perfect look. In 2013, she posted an instagram photo showing her short locks underneath her red carpet look.

And we see stars like Sherri Shepherd previously from The View wearing dozens of new looks that boast a statement and a brand in appearance. Sherri Shepherd has even launched her own wig collection called  LUXHAIR™ NOW for Sherri Shepherd™ that is inspired to reflect her magnetic personality that she has with her hair.

So would you wear a wig if you didn’t have to? Sherri Shepherd puts it well on her own website, “Girlfriend-to-girlfriend… you were born with the hair you’ve got. Now get the hair you want.” For her, wearing a wig is wearing the hair she has always wanted. That is after all the fun a wig provides, it creates a new look, whether you want a change, or need it.

Wigs are a fun way to wear a new look for a night out on the town, a Halloween costume, and they are worn to boost confidence if you are losing your hair. Everyone can benefit in wearing a wig if they want to try something new. At Arizona Wig Boutique, our goal is to make you feel beautiful. If you need a wig, hair extensions, or a topper for any reason — fun or medical, we are here to help.